Il Premio

The unique blend fuses together the fruity notes of candied orange and the herbaceous taste of the Amaro with the soft vanilla and caramel notes of the 36 months old Grappa di Nebbiolo Riserva. Il Premio will give your most precious moments a taste of Italian heartiness.

Il Premio


Amaro Ramazzotti A recipe made from 33 ingredients from all across the world: herbs, spices, flowers, and fruits, blended until perfection to have an intense and harmonious flavour.
Grappa di Nebbiolo Piedmont is a land of noble vineyards, which, since the past centuries, has characterized the landscape of a region devoted to excellence.

How to Enjoy

Nutritional Values

  • VOLUME per 10g alcohol 36ml
  • CALORIES per 10g alcohol 269kcal
  • TOTAL FAT per 10g alcohol 0g
  • SATURATED FAT per 10g alcohol 0g
  • TOTAL CARBOHYDRATE per 10g alcohol 19g
  • PROTEIN per 10g alcohol 0g

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