The history of Ramazzotti’s advertising campaigns could fill an entire book. Ausano himself, then Guido, recognised in advertising a powerful way to present the brand and its personality to the public. In the 1920’s first advertisements began to appear: simple and to-the-point, but sharp. When first Ramazzotti’s advertisements came to life, the colourful images were perfectly in tune with contemporary lifestyles. The biggest names in advertising artwork, including Dudovich, Cappiello, Seneca, Araca and Boccasile, contributed to Ramazzotti's identity. Amazingly, the most famous Ramazzotti slogans are were yet to be invented.
1920 - 1940
Poster Classics

The first famous Ramazzotti slogan was born in 1934 as Guido Ramazzotti’s apprenticeship was drawing to a close. He reminds how Ausano, his grandfather, and Enrico, his father, had sought just a few words that would stick in the people’s mind, like a proverb. He was struggling to find a saying that would capture the idea that Amaro is ‘good for you’… “A Ramazzotti is always good!” Enzo Forlivesi Montanari a.k.a. Araca then creates the original “Hand” for the 1935 advertising campaign: an open wide black hand right behind a bottle of Amaro.
This was the first of many classic Ramazzotti’s posters created by famous artists during the 20’s.

The “Carosello”

Carosello was a ten-minute advertising slot in prime-time on early 70’s Italian television. It aired after the news on the RAI networks and showcased the first ads featuring famous actors. Ramazzotti became a Carosello star, casting Jerry Lewis and Loretta Goggi, a famous italian showgirl at that time.

TV Spot “Milano da bere” - “Milan to drink”

In 1985, Ramazzotti’s television advert: “Milano da bere” turns the brand into an icon of the era. With an open-minded and constantly moving city as a background, the adv shows love for life and frames of moments shared with friends and loved ones. It represents everything Ramazzotti stands for. “Milano da bere” was created by Marco Mignani and has become a part of the language of the times, similarly to Rome’s “Dolce Vita” in the 50’s. The slogan fits perfectly the imaginery of Milan, a city which is “reborn each morning, beating like a heart. Positive, optimistic, efficient Milan. Live, dream and enjoy Milan… drink Milan”.

TV spot “Piacere da bere” - “Pleasure to drink”

Riding the wave of “Milano da bere” spot’s success, Ramazzotti continues with an advertising campaign focused around the positivity and versatility inherent to Ramazzotti. Its products are adverted as a timeless drink and they aim at a savvy as well as aware audience: they know what they like and want to to enjoy the taste of a quality product. This is how the “Piacere da bere” spot is created.

TV spot “L'amaro giovane” - “The young Amaro”

The advertising campaigns continue in 1994 with the TV Spot: “L’Amaro giovane”: “What can I get you?” “I’ll have what they’re having.” A beautiful lady’s choice is influenced, as she stares a young couple ordering an Amaro. Feel younger with an Amaro Ramazzotti.

TV spot “L'amaro positivo” / “The positive Amaro”

In 1999, Ramazzotti becomes “L’amaro positivo”. The TV spot is focused on passion, vitality and all the positive aspects of everyday life, declaring,  “In your world and in anyone else’s, Amaro Ramazzotti; positively Amaro.”

TV spot “200 anni da bere” - “200 years to drink”

For Ramazzotti’s 200th birthday in 2015, Ramazzotti returns to television screens with a spot that celebrates the brand’s 200-year history. The product has been the star of every era from 1815. After two centuries, its consumers have the chance to celebrate:“200 anni da bere”.

Spot “Bella la vita, dal 1815“ - “Bella la vita, since 1815”

In 2018, Ramazzotti redefines its brand positioning. It becomes: “an emblem of Italy and its love for effortless quality”. It capitalises on the brand’s main values, emphasising the Italian way of life – spontaneous, traditional and carefree. Ramazzotti launches a new campaign: “Bella la Vita since 1815”.